2018    The Photo Book: your next step by Mayumi Suzuki and Eva-Maria Kunz (ceiba editions). Spaziolabò, Bologna.

2017- 2019    MFA in Photography at Ulster University.

2016- 2017 Shooting from Inside by Lina Pallotta. Officine Fotografiche, Roma.

2017    Seeing is Believing by Joakim Eskildsen, Hannes Wanderer and Giulia Zorzi. Micamera, Milan.
            Power to the Archive by Petra Stavast. SpazioLabò, Bologna.
            The Colour and the Shape by Jessica Backhaus. Micamera, Milan.

2016   Seeing Through Photograph by MoMA, Coursera.
    Intimidad y Fotografía by Roger Guaus. Centro de Fotografía Contemporánea, Bilbao.

2015   Creative Editing by Laia Abril. SpazioLabò, Bologna.
            Interiore by Michael Ackerman. Luce, Ancona.
            Narrazione Visiva by Lina Pallotta. SpazioLabò, Bologna.

2013    Intimate Portrait by Just Loomis. Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin.

2013    I got pregnant.
            I decided to study photography.
            My adventure in the world of photography started.

2012    I quit my UNESCO dream

2002   Universities: Venice, Bologna, Madrid, Granada. I dreamt about working for UNESCO so all my studies were about safeguarding our cultural heritage.

1997    Liceo Artistico

1983    I was born.
            After 5 years, exactly the same day, my brother was born too.
            My parents tried to persuade me he was my birthday present.